The Top 5 Countries with the Most Air Pollution (PM10)

  Country Particulate Matter Concentration
Uruguay 141.54 micrograms per cubic meter
Sudan 136.87 micrograms per cubic meter
Bangladesh 120.87 micrograms per cubic meter
Iraq 110.09 micrograms per cubic meter
Mali 106.49 micrograms per cubic meter
Sources:  The World Bank, World Development Indicators 2010
List Notes: Air pollution is ranked here according to PM10 or particulate matter concentrations. Particulate matter concentrations are measured in micrograms per cubic meter and refer to fine suspended particulates less than 10 microns in diameter that are capable of penetrating deep into the respiratory tract and causing significant health damage. Concentrations of PM are caused by both human activities and natural occurrences. Data is for the year 2009.
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