The Top 5 Countries with the Most Air Pollution (PM10)

  Country Particulate Matter Concentration
Sudan 137 micrograms per cubic meter
Bangladesh 115 micrograms per cubic meter
Mali 111 micrograms per cubic meter
Mongolia 96 micrograms per cubic meter
Iraq 88 micrograms per cubic meter
Sources:  The World Bank: World Development Indicators 2013.
List Notes: Data is for the year 2011 which is the latest available data as of July 2014. Air pollution is ranked here according to urban population weighted PM10 micrograms per cubic meter. Particulate matter concentrations are measured in micrograms per cubic meter and refer to fine suspended particulates less than 10 microns in diameter that are capable of penetrating deep into the respiratory tract and causing significant health damage. Concentrations of PM are caused by both human activities and natural occurrences.
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