The Top 5 Hollywood Studios with the Most Market Share (2010)

  Studio Market Share Total Gross 2010 Highest Grossing Film 2010
Warner Bros. 18.2% $1,92 billion Harry Potter Deathly Hallows
($294,99 Million)
Paramount Pictures 16.2% $1,71 billion Iron Man 2
($312,43 Million)
20th Century Fox 14.0% $1,48 billion Black Swan
($106,8 Million)
Buena Vista 13.8% $1,45 billion Toy Story 3
($415,00 Million)
Sony / Columbia 12.1% $1,28 billion The Karate Kid (2010)
($176,59 Million)
Sources:  Various including: Box Office Mojo, The Numbers, IMDB, The Movie Times
List Notes: Data is Hollywood studios with the highest market share for the year 2010. Box office gross is in U.S. dollars.
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