The Top 5 Heaviest Primates

  Primate Average Weight 2007 IUCN Red List Status
Gorilla 220 kg (485 lbs) Endangered
Human 77 kg (170 lbs) Ok (for now)
Orangutan 75 kg (165 lbs) Endangered
Chimpanzee 50 kg (110 lbs) Endangered
Baboon 45 kg (100 lbs) Lower risk
Sources:  Various
List Notes: These weights are for average sized male primates.
  1. The Eastern Lowland Gorilla or Gorilla beringei graueri is the largest living primate known to science (the Sasquatch if it exists is probably heavier) . The maximum size of a male gorilla can be over 225 kg (500 lb) and 1.83 m (6 ft) in the wild, with much heavier weights recorded in captivity.
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